Tuesday, February 08, 2005

US wants to bring democracy to Iran!! Why don't they bring it to Saudi Arabia instead?

By Soosk Siaah*

To all people who think US wants to bring democracy to Iran...

Here is the point. In Saudi Arabia women are not allowed to obtain a drivers license; they are not allowed to vote; they are not allowed to appear in public unless their husbands/fathers approve ... Talking about bringing democracy... which country needs democracy first? Saudi Arabia or Iran?

In Iran more than 50% of the university students are female. Women may not have equal rights comparing to men, but they have the right to vote, study, work, drive, ... or become a member of parliament... This is not to take sides with the Iranian government's policies. But when it comes to democracy brought by a bloody war: Dear Mr. Bush, please take it to Saudi Arabia!! We don't need your help! Keep it for your Saudi friends! Much appreciated!!

Soosk Siaah is a 31 year-old Electrical Engineer living in Canada.