Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Sima Shakhsari*

Since the inception of this weblog, some people have e-mailed and asked us to write about issues that they find important. We think it is wonderful that people have been enthusiastic about this weblog and we appreciate constructive suggestions. But we want to make sure that everyone is clear about the way this weblog works.

This weblog acts as a platform for anti-war voices. We do not post pro-war views, as we believe that those views often repeat the hegemonic discourses by which we are surrounded and can find many channels of expression in mainstream media. We have left the comments section open so that people who disagree with an article can voice their views in the comments section.

We accept all submissions that take a clear position against a possible war on Iran. Obviously, this means that people approach this from many different angles. We want to clarify that the opinions expressed on this blog do not necessarily reflect the political positioning of the organizers (well, except for the anti-war stance which brings us together). Basically, we do not intervene in the articles that people send to us via email. In some cases, we do a minimal editing job, and at times we translate from Persian to English and post the articles as they are. This is a weblog for anyone who wants to express their views against the war through writing, images, poetry, etc.
So, if you think there is an anti-war view that has not been expressed on this blog and should be included, it is your job to write it and send it to us. We look forward to reading your posts and believe that this is one way of telling the world that despite our differences, we do not want the U.S. military, or any other military for that matter, to attack Iran.

On behalf of the rest of the team at Iranians for Peace.

* Sima Shakhsari is a Ph.D. candidate at Stanford and teaches at SFSU.