Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Stop killing the “Human Beings” in the name of “Human Rights”

Masoumeh Mousavi*
masi57m [at] gmail.com

Hey you—“Evil of Wars”!

Should I believe you worry about human rights in my country? Should I believe you care about the discriminations in my country? Huh!

Was the sort of thing you did for the others to stop killing the peace?—or you killed the peace more than ever? In Afghanistan people were forced to fight in the name of opposing the violation of Taliban—who were originally empowered by you. But, in the beginning they were the same Taliban as they were at the end. Then Iraq war began in the name of finishing the dictatorship of Saddam-Hussein—who had been the hand of the U.S.A. for all the years he was accused for. And in every other place it’s going to be started in the name of democracy. Huh! The Imposed democracy of the “Evil of Wars”!

We all know that all these are doing just for the “Evil of Wars” to get closer to oil resources. We all know that these matters can easily be resolved by diplomatic ways.

Stop killing the “human beings” in the name of “human rights”. And let us choose our way of life by ourselves.

*Masoumeh Mousavi is a 27-year-old translator living in Tehran

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