Monday, February 07, 2005

War threats; Different Approaches about Different Aspects

Omid Memarian*
During the last days some of the readers have criticized me because of my opinions about the American threats and what I have written about it. Two month ago I was in the jail and one of my charges was propaganda against the regime by writing articles and comments and journalistic activities. I close my eyes to talk about it. But about two months after releasing the reaction of me is to be an opponent against the war. Why?

Because I really believe that the process of democratization that has begun about 100 years ago in Iran do not need a foreign attack to go forward. If it happens, I think that in the parallel way fundamentalism grows faster, Ethnical movements and tendency to disintegration appear evidently and settlement of accounts causes many violations. Generally, the idea of war is an inaccurate plan for promoting democracy in Iran with unanticipated result.

Look at the American experiment in Iraq. Look at the result of election and look for the result. The process of starting threats, isolating the regime, economical boycott, empowering the fundamentalism and its side effects and so on, and at the end going toward war is a good perspective to look at. Now, Look at the Iraq. What do you observe?
It is good to be highlighted that because of many reason the war in Iran destroy many things. However, many people mention the experiment of Afghanistan and Iraq and believe that in some cases it is indubitable that democracy can be injected by foreign forces. I don’t think so. Iran has many differences…..
We can talk about it more.

At the end let me draw your attention to this point that I live in Iran and there are some different criteria about thinking about things here and outside. I respect any other idea. But I expect the same approach. It is a very complicated theme and discussing about this multilateral phenomenon is strongly complex. In some part you are correct and in some aspects it is me. But the main subject is the resultant. It is really so complicated to talk about resultant…what’s your idea? (

*Omid Memarian is a 30-year-old journalist living in Tehran