Sunday, February 06, 2005

Again “NO WAR”—An Answer to a Critique

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My previous essay on Bush’s speech has had different reactions. In a weblog entitled “Iranian for Freedom”—which in contrary to this weblog’s address (no war for iran [dot] blogspot) has been registered as “now war for iran [dot] blogspot”, and its Iranian writer isn’t against a possible war—my essay has been criticized. And here is my answer to the critiques:

1- I don’t think supporting Khatami is ridiculous. But of course I believe he wasn’t brave enough. After all, 8 years of Khatami was much better than if someone else was president. We all may understand it a few months next when new president should be elected (=appointed by the government, to be honest!)

2- “Is having nuclear weapons by itself a reason to be a terrorist or a supporter of terrorism?” I wrote it cause Bush addressed it to show Iran’s government is a terrorist. On the other hand, I agree the critic on the issue that supporting Islamic Jihad and the sort is a reason to be a terrorist. In this respect, Iran’s gov’t is really a terrorist. Also in respect of “depriving its people of the freedom they seek and deserve”, which Bush addressed as well.

3- “How the writer can guarantee that Iran won’t use its nuclear bombs to remove the cancer state [Israel]?” I can’t guarantee anything; I just think even the mullahs aren’t crazy enough to start an invasion (even to the cancer state!) by an atomic bomb. Perhaps I’m too optimist!

4- “Yes, War can bring democracy, it is working in Iraq and it can work everywhere in the middle-east.” It’s too early to judge if Iraq now is a democratic state or not. On the other hand, lots of Iraqis have been killed in about 2 years since USA attacked the country. If you lose your family in the possible attack, would any kind of democracy cure your pains? I think democracy—even in Iran—can, and must, be achieved “diplomatically”. Don’t forget Ukraine’s case, which without any war or bombing and killing innocent people, USA succeeded in appointing its preferred president Yushchenko. I insist, again, “War CAN’T bring democracy.”