Thursday, February 03, 2005

Democracy never comes with war!

I am opposing any kind of preemptive attack to any country in the world and of course my home country, Iran. Nothing justifies war and the bloodshed and chaos caused by war. The last thing that could happen as a result of war is "real democracy". Even if we believe the hardly convincing intention of US to bring democracy to Iran, democracy could never happen over night as a gift from outsiders. Democracy is a cultural issue that could happen only through education. Fortunately large percentage of the current population of Iran remembers what we went through during eight years of war with Iraq. We lost our talented and gifted young people; we lost our economy; we forgot to fight for our freedom; we forgot to fight for our democracy. We do not need another war to destroy even the little thing we could have achieved after the war with Iraq.

A PhD Student of Computer Science in US