Wednesday, February 02, 2005

A Kind Advice to President Bush

You could be very wrong about Iranians, why?

What are the major sources of U.S. policy makers' intelligence about Iran? Well, mostly the opposition parties outside the Iran. I believe the cause of Iraq war was a misinterpretation of intelligence by U.S. intelligence services. It is obvious that Iraq hadn't weapons of mass destruction (WMD) when U.S. anxiously decided to attack it. Everyone can remember that President Bush was so sure that they will find WMD and justify to the world their unlawful invasion.

Why was President Bush wrong? Because they had gathered their intelligence basically from Iraqi opposition groups which were mainly in exile. The outsiders tried to intimate United Stated from a prominent fake danger in the Middle East and were actually successful to deceive U.S. policy makers and force them to spend their financial and political resources in accordance to their will. Since then U.S. lawful prestige has been greatly harmed in the world as an unlawful

What's the resemblance to Iran?

The same scenario is happening again. U.S. is again being intimated by their very much correlated intelligence resources vastly form of Iranian outsiders which are trying to use U.S. military power to overthrown Iranian government.
There has been some propaganda in some Persian Satellite TV's that Iranians will support military action against their government! It looks like that they think all that is needed to get rid of Iran cleric government is just broadcasting a breaking news on C.N.N that U.S. has started the attack and the rest will be done by inside citizens!

I just want to warn the U.S. or any other country which counts on military action in dealing with Iran that Iranians are one of the most patriotic nations. After several thousand years that Persian Empire has extinct, still Iranians call themselves "Persian". The whole conflict between Iran and U.S. in early 80's was because there was a belief that U.S. was influencing the Iranian government causing a hatred which continued after revolution and resulted in the occupation
of U.S. embassy in Tehran by Iranian students.

Unfortunately it is not possible to make a polling to show what percentage of Iranians welcome U.S. troops to their country. Many don't like to see another emotional revolution 20 years later from now to push U.S. out of Iran because of the same feeling among the nation that Iran has become sort of modern colony of United State. Obviously, Iran or any other country that hasn't reached nuclear technology yet can become a potential disturber of global power balance if it plans to achieve that. However, there are very simple effective mechanisms to prevent regimes of making nuclear warfare. The whole purpose of IAEA has been safety in use of nuclear technology and this is the way that Europeans are trying to relief their concerns.

As the final message, don't trust PMOI or Iranians outsiders who haven't even seen Iran since 20 years ago. Don't be intimidated of the technology which Iran government is just talking of, don't think Iranians will welcome foreign invaders and very simply don't kill our people and your soldiers for nothing!

By: An Iranian for Peace.