Wednesday, February 02, 2005

In the name of all the lives in Iran who deserve to be alive

Iranian Diaries

I sit in front of my computer and connect to internet; the Persian blogsphere is announcing of the probable attack of the USA against Iran. There are some petitions to stop this thinking of military invasion, this one to UN General Assembly and this one to George W. Bush.

I sit in front of my computer, in a cold winter night, in my warm room; but I’m afraid and I feel cold. The news of war frightens me. I remember the years that I was a school child, when my country was included in a bloody war with Iraq, we were frightened: are we the next target of Iraqi bombs or missiles? Nothing is more frightening than living in fear.

I click on a link and read an essay in Frontpage Magazine in which it’s written of Iranians welcome to possible USA military action against Iran. I read all the lies—the truth is that there is no staying at home to see that speeches of George W. Bush, and there are no discussions of welcome to USA troops in taxis and buses. Also no so-called Civil Disobedience Movement, which sounds more foolish than making any sense. No one here—at least among the people I know—welcomes a war.

I am writing to a world who reads these lines: I, as an Iranian—a 27-year-old boy who is not satisfied with the current government of Iran and seeks a way to have a better living, perhaps in a foreign country—with all of conflictions in today Iran, can’t tolerate another invasion to my mother land. I don’t want to see my Iran destroyed under bombs and missiles, and people died or injured or lost their families or homes, in a war between Iranian government and USA government in which only innocent people would hurt.

My country has lots of potentials to get better which any war would vanish all that potentials. OK, I’m not with this government; I want respect, good salary, social and political freedom, etc., but I’m sure that a bloody war can't give me these sort of things in a beautiful package, like a gift.

Thus, in the name of all the lives in Iran who deserve to be alive, I ask Mr Bush and all of his alleys to stop thinking in a war way, and ask the world to show a reaction before the USA get serious in doing any harsh action.