Sunday, February 13, 2005

Popular Support

N. Alavi
n_alavi123 [at]

Fourteen thousand pro-democracy activists spent the long hot summer of 1906 in a mass protest, living in tents and eating fresh baked bread and Aash (soup) prepared in great cauldrons. A climatic moment of this assemblage and Iran’s struggle for democracy was joint a statement that declared: “The law is what the Majlis (parliament) decides… No one is to interfere in the laws of the Majlis”

In October 29, 1925, when the power of Majlis was threatened. Mossadegh holding up a copy of the Koran, told his fellow parliamentarians that to centralise power in the hands of one man would be “pure estebadad” and asked: “was it to achieve dictatorship that our people bled their lives away in the Constitutional Revolution?”

Many more people have bled their lives away in Iran’s struggle for democracy since and Iranians have paid a high price for their independence and sovereignty.

With the upcoming Presidential elections in Iran soon, those in power must take heed that nothing can preserve our sovereignty or ultimately safeguard our loved ones and the borders of our nation but a government that has genuine popular support.