Saturday, April 23, 2005

Marla! We need each other!

I am writing on behalf of all those hearts in Iran who wish to express their deep respect towards the glory of humanity; To Marla. *
Sara Mohammadi

"-Hi! I’m Marla "
You knocked the doors,
They didn’t know you.

You were in love! Entangled! Captivated!

Marla! Your parents are having a funeral for you today.
Your friends, ordinary people, barefoot ones, journalists, human rights activists, all will be in Baghdad tomorrow. Crying.

Marla!Hold my shoulders, soothe me!
As you used to soothe Iraq’s victims.
Majid (from the Red Cross) said Afghan girls’eyes always glitter!
Your glittering eyes are now closed,
Like the eyes of Kabul’s girls, Basra’s kids, and the rural men and women from Nepal…

For you, funerals can be hold everywhere,
We can be thinking of you everywhere,
Kabul, Basra, Nepal, Cuba… anywhere

Who can tell Hoora that your car has been exploded?
Terrorists always make mistakes; they wanted to hit the Americans’ car…
Who can tell Hoora -the girl who was injured in a bomb attack – that she shouldn’t wait anymore?
Since you are also…

Marla!Calm me down! Calm me down!

Do you think Bush would not be anxious in his speeches anymore?
You won’t shout from the back of the hall anymore:
“It’s a lie! It’s a lie! I have the names of the victims’ families Mr.Bush!
I have photos, I …”

You stood with those who had the least chance for staying alive!
You stood, stood…
You stood till you became like one of us…
A hard life that ends with a bomb blast…

Dear Marla!
The world needs your life…
Marla! Marla!
Repeating your name heals our wounds!

Hoora calls your mom
Hoora tells your mom to endure the pain of loosing you
You had taught Hoora to be hopeful in life,
When her mother was killed in an explosion…

We hold each other’s hands
In the name of you Marla!
From everywhere

And anywhere

We fight the great sufferings

We won’t let go of each other’s hands!

Marla!We need each other!

Marla! My American sister!
Your parents said they would follow your path in Civic
We all will follow your path

Marla!You are calm…
Your last message is left on your parent’s answering machine:
" Mom and Dad, I love you, I’m Ok"

Translated by Sanam Dolatshahi
*Marla Ruzicka, founder of Campaign for Innocent Victims in Conflict (CIVIC), was traveling Saturday April 16, near Baghdad International Airport when a car bomb exploded, killing her and her driver. Marla began working with the human rights organization Global Exchange in high school, taking on assignments in Zimbabwe, the Middle East and Nicaragua. Ruzicka, 28, founded Campaign for Innocent Victims in Conflict in 2003. The mission of the campaign is to "mitigate the impact of the conflict and its aftermath on the people of Iraq by ensuring that timely and effective life-saving assistance is provided to those in need." She began a door-to-door survey of civilian casualties the day after a statue of Saddam Hussein was toppled in Baghdad in April 2003. (Source: CNN)
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