Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The impact of war on women and children

As an Iranian witness and civilian victim of the bloody war between Iran and Iraq in 80s and as a Peace advocator, during these days of Iranian nuclear spotlight and a possibility of another war in my region, I try to learn more about the impact of war on human health and environment.

It is easy to stay at home, turn on the news and listen and see the toll of death in Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan.. After a while according to the Psychological Defence Mechanisms in which operate on an unconscious level, our mind automatically delete these awful news. Repression is the primary ego defense that makes all other psychological defensiveness possible. It prevents anxiety-provoking thoughts from entering consciousness.

Repression helps us cope with everyday problems. It can act in response to conflict and pain of one's past.
However, repressed memories do not disappear. Repression can drain creative energy, create a stiffness of character and may lead to more serious psychological problems.
It is shameful that most of us forget the pain of people in the wars; women and children have been the primary victims of all of wars in the world.

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